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Are you a novice or professional make-up artist or hairstylist and do you value image, style, and quality? Then, ZÜCA is the right place for you. Furthermore, ZÜCA offers a range of make-up cases, offering the best and superior quality mobile salon on wheels. Our make-up cases contain different make-up organisers. You can choose to arrange these organisers according to your wishes plus they come equipped with zippers. This way, it is easier to keep your products separate from each other and at the same time, your suitcases remain tidy and organised.

The make-up cases are equipped with wheels, are lightweight, and offer excellent protection to your tools. The Sport Artist is equipped with four wheels, which makes it user-friendlier when climbing stairs. Additionally, two models of our make-up cases, the Flyer artist and Pro artist, are hand luggage friendly; thus, comply with the IATA hand luggage specification. This makes the make-up cases from ZÜCA extremely suitable for professionals that are always on the move.