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ZÜCA is on the market since 2004. We make life better - and make people laugh - with our patented, super resistant, and versatile, fashionable Carry-All. We have caused a revolution in the way people transport their possessions in a healthy way. Children can carry all their books without burdening their backs, and they can take a chair everywhere.

Professionals can easily organize and protect their needs on their way to customers with our travel suitcases and makeup suitcases. Travelers and fits can be moved in style. ZÜCA bags are perfect for the quick, always running lifestyles, and are now a worldwide sensation.

Who tells our story the best? our customers! We enormously appreciate their enthusiasm and support. Our goal is to keep innovating, so we can meet the needs of more customers in new markets all over the world. We mean it when we say we are passionate to improve the life of our clients.

The best part? ZÜCA is not only made to be loved but also to last. Our story is optimistic and makes people happy, and we have only just begun!